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The last holiday I had was in 2019 at this very same tournament. My mother had just passed away and an opportunity arose to get away. Ever the opportunist, I know I needed an adventure and friendship to get me through my grief at the time.  What a fantastic break that was. Roll forward 3 years and the adventure I had this time was slightly different. 

The thing is, I am a calamity! It doesn’t matter how hard I try, Something will unfold on my adventures, I don’t know how or why but when I travel, life often takes swirl.

In 2015, I visit Paris for work and end up being Blue Lighted past the sights of the Eiffel tower and Arc de-triumph because it seems I am having my very first Asthma Attack. Then in 2022, whilst enjoying my wonderful wonder down to the harbour, another random attack descends. My mornings plans changed dramatically but I seemed to have the best room with the view I have ever had in a hospital, and the NHS staff were fantastic upon St Marys

The bonus to these situations is that I can vouch for the health care! Not many adventurers can say that! 

Now let’s get back to the other side of my adventure. Touring!

The waters are as crystal clear as the Caribbean as they lap the stones or empty beaches littered around bays to be explored full of offerings for all ages. Bird life, Rock Pooling, Beaches, Cliff walks, The things to do either at a leisurely pace or on speed these islands have way of making you go with the tides and nothing else. 

Each of the remaining Islands has their own wonderous delights that you gladly go and explore. Birds, Garden, Walks and an array of scenic views to help balance out the chaos of everyday life. Boats to play around the islands are frequent and daily, the skippers and their crew are efficient, respectful and can bring a smile to your day with their humour and stories. 

Take heed though, Mother Nature rules and they respect her without question. When a boat has to leave, it has to leave. Otherwise you may be stuck on one of the islands for the night. 

Which maybe isn’t it a bad thing. Although minimal the islands have, pubs, restaurants and café’s all promoting locally grown, farmed and caught fish and all served with a smile and welcoming words. 

When the sun goes down is when the magic unfolds though for me, the beautiful star light skies on the islands are incredible with little or no light pollution. The night gifts a magical escapism into the never-ending expanse of the universe. My stargazing and location of the planets kept me entertained for hours. 

You can’t help but be healed by these Isles as they wake up your senses amongst nature. The sound of the waves become hypnotic, the sweetest spring breeze across your cheeks, the taste of the salt in the air. It truly is magical escapism.

 The Isle of Scilly is a place I would recommend for all adventurous ages.

With Smiles,


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